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84,326,426.866826 XRB distributed (24.78%)

627 days left to 100% supply distributed

next payout: 17,000.000000 XRB in 35 minutes

Keep in mind, this is a free giveaway.
We do not take any responsibility for any missing claims or other distribution issues.
Nevertheless, we will do our best to avoid such problems happening.

Distribution is based on human work provided by claiming (completing captchas) using Google reCAPTCHA.
The quantity of coins each top-account claiming will receive is based on the amount of top-account's claims, total top-accounts's claims and quantity to be distributed in current payout. This is the formula
top-account reward = top-account claims / total top-accounts claims * max quantity distributed

Distributions will be performed hourly. Top 150 accounts will be paid and their claims reset.
Other accounts will keep their claim count.

To limit pools, any account can't claim more than 30 times per minute.
Also, every account is supposed to be claimed only by one person.
Don't blaim us if you try to trick the rules.

Troubles? Need more info? Read the faucet wiki.

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