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Keep in mind, this is a free giveaway.
We do not take any responsibility for any missing claims or other distribution issues.
Nevertheless, we will do our best to avoid such problems happening.
We do not support pools or team, we try to limit them to advantage solo claimers.

How it works

Distribution is based on human work provided by completing audio captchas.
The captcha is a string of 4 characters. In order to avoid similar characters only the following characters are used (case insensitive)


The quantity of coins each top-account claiming will receive is based on the amount of top-account's claims, total top-accounts's claims and quantity to be distributed in current payout. This is the formula

top-account reward = top-account claims / total top-accounts claims * max quantity distributed

You can track your current account status by typing in url bar[your_account]

Account's claims will be reset after 2 weeks of no claiming.


Distributions will be performed hourly. Top 200 accounts will be paid and their claims reset.
Other accounts will keep their claim count.


To limit pools, any account can only be claimed from one IP address per minute.
Moreover any account can't claim more than 6 times per minute.

+0.08 claim to devs

Add 0.08 claim to Funds for devs account. That will help devs to cover their costs and their time on the project.


Captcha doesn't load on iOS device:
On iOS you need to create a shortcut of to your home screen.

Captcha doesn't show:
Try to disable some browser extensions.

Captcha shows slowly or doesn't work:
Try to delete cache and cookies.

My account is valid but faucet says is invalid:
Only new kind of account (xrb_1... and xrb_3...) are accepted.

I get too much "invalid claim" or "trouble processing claim":
We have set up system to make claiming more fair. Please claim only from your home device.